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School rules

These are the Guisborough Grammar School rules from 1932.


  1. The discipline and internal organisation of the School shall be in the hands of the Headmaster.

  1. The Headmaster reserves the right to pass judgement on any misconduct committed outside school hours which adversely affects the reputation of the school.

  1. Every boy must wear school cap and badge. At all times the personal appearance of every boy must be in keeping with the good name of the school.

  1. Except in the case of a special request from parent to Headmaster every boy must play games.

  1. Every boy must strip for games. He must provide himself with football boots, jersey and a pair of shorts for football in winter; white shirt, white trousers or shorts, and shoes or boots for cricket in summer.

  1. To indicate ownership cap, overcoat and sports clothing must be clearly marked. The School however takes no liability for loss.

  1. A boy, through his parent, is liable for damage to the School buildings and to school books and also for any breakage of science apparatus due to negligence.

  1. No boy is allowed to sell directly any book or other article to any other boy in school.

  1. Every boy must keep strictly to the hours during which the School meets and must observe the dates for the opening and closing of each Term.

  1. Explanation of absence must be given to the Headmaster in writing. If absence may extended for more than one or two days explanation should be sent before the boy’s return.

  1. No boy may be withdrawn from the school except on medical grounds, unless previous permission has been obtained in writing from the Headmaster.

  1. Should infectious disease occur in the home of any boy, he must at once cease attendance, and the Headmaster must be immediately informed.

  1. Explanation of lateness through home causes will only be considered if in writing from the parent.

  1. The only excuse for the non-completion of homework is a written note from the parent. If he considers that sufficient time has been spent on the homework he should clearly say so, and state the time spent. If the homework is considered to be regularly in excess, the Headmaster should be informed.

  1. The Headmaster has the power immediately to suspend any boy for serious misconduct until such time as his case has been considered by the Governors of the School.

  1. Except in urgent cases the Headmaster may only be seen by appointment. Wednesday afternoons or any evening between 5:30 and 7pm are the most suitable time for interview.

  1. No bicycle is to be ridden in the School grounds. Under no circumstances is a boy to borrow a bicycle from another boy without a master’s permission.



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