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Bolam Manorial CourtDetail of an early fifteenth-century maniscript in Latin written with faded brown ink on parchment.

We are very lucky to have examples of the Bolam manorial court records from every century from the 1300s to the 1800s.

To view the fourteenth and fifteenth-century manorial court documents, please click on the links below. Each sheet is written on both sides, and no space was wasted. One of the sheets even has a small tear that was sewn together before the parchment was used - look closely at the bottom portion of the first link to see how the writing is arranged around the mend.

Each sheet has two images - the front and back, labelled here r and v (recto and verso).


Sheet 1

ZJB 2-1 r, 1396

ZJB 2-1 v, 1397-1398


Sheet 2

ZJB 2-2, r, 1398-1400

ZJB 2-2, v, 1401-1403


Sheet 3

ZJB 2-3 r, 1403-1405

ZJB 2-3 v, 1406-1407


Sheet 4

ZJB 2-4, r, 1410 - 1413

ZJB 2-4 v, 1412 - 1415


Sheet 5

ZJB 2-5 r, 1434

ZJB 2-5 v, 1434-1435



These documents are in Latin, and they have not yet been fully translated. They were written on parchment, and have survived remarkably well. They were conserved in the 1960s, when a fabric was glued to some of the membranes to prevent the fragile edges from deteriorating.



More manorial court documents will be uploaded soon.



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